The Company

Established in 1973, Jim Daldos and Virginia Ebert have been representing an extensive line of high quality fabricating equipment. We specialize exclusively in structural steel and precision sheet metal fabricating equipment. We strive to extend our experience to offer our customers the most efficient and cost effective answers to their fabricating challenges. From shop flow to finished product, our long standing relationships with the factories we represent will help streamline your operation with the best equipment on the market, at the best price. We work for our customers ~ you!

Before you hire another person for your shop, add equipment to make your existing crew more efficient.

Paying out labor costs gives no added value to your company. Equipment has tax benefits, efficiency and time saving value and has a value for resale in the future. You won't match Social Security, pay unemployment and health insurance or workers comp. costs to the payment of machinery. 21st Century business requires 21st Century thinking. Let us show you the tax advantages/cost justification against labor and the best use of your money.